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Homes Sales Dry up under some circumstance and reach flood stage under others. The key for real estate professionals is to recognize the factors that influence their local markets and share this knowledge with clients. Dr. Dotzour is the chief economist with Real Estate  Center at Texas A&M University. He writes that as the second half of 2011 begins, buyers all over the country are still skittish because of all negative housing headlines. But there is evidence that Texas ‘residential housing market is beginning the gradual, lengthy process of moving back to normal. Real Estate operates in a local market. What happen in Las Vegas does not really matter to a homebuyer in Abilene. Each local market has its own story and its own dynamics. Real Estate professional must understand their clients’ psychology – their hopes and fears. Careful consideration of the factors influencing home sales volume will help buyers and seller make the best decisions for their circumstances.


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