Google privacy changes

Google co. has expanded its ability to combine data from its various servies to create a highly detailed profile of its customers.  The company has defended this measure by saying that they are doing this to simplify its privacy policy and improve customer experience on its many servcies such as Gmail, Picasa, Google Plus and Youtube.  Another more lucrative reason is that it allows google to tailor ads that align with the users interests.  There are five ways in which you can guard your privacy even with Google’s recent modifications.

1) Manage sign-ins: Using different browers to sign in to different services so that it would limit the amount of info Google has on you.

2) Review what Google knows about you: Your Web History is often what is used by Google to track your searchs, you can delete the searches that you don’t want Google to remember. 

3) Use stealth mode: Most major browsers offer a stealth mode which means that after you are done browing, the history and data files are cleared.  For Chrome click “new incognito window” under the wrench on the toolbar, Internet Explorer click “InPrivate Browsing” under “Safety” and click “Private Browsing” in Firefox and Safari.

4) Use anonymizers: Several services are available to mask your internet address such as Tor, but these will slow Web surfing.

5) Stay Offline: Self explantory, the less you are on, the

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