The recovery of the central Texas lakes

Last summer, Stillhouse Hollow lake was 17 feet below normal depth at it’s worst, drivers across the bridge would see structures that couldn’t be seen at normal depths.  As of today, the lake is at 96% full, which is just in time for Memorial Day festivities at the lake.   With the recovery of the lake’s depth’s, along came business that focused on water activities.

One of those activities is scuba diving, the Scuba Divers Paradise a business near the Stillhouse Hollow Lake area offers basic and advanced scuba diving lessons, certification, boat tours and rentals of scuba gear, kayaks and canoes.   It is the only place in the area that offers scuba diving, the next closest being in Austin.

Another lake that was in troube was Belton lake that was 16 feet below normal at it’s lowest last year.  Right now, the lake is actually 101% full.  Belton lake has numerous activities available.  For today and Sunday, families can enjoy the sun/water at Water Fest from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The event kicks off the summer season for the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area.  Water Fest includes water slides, slip-n-slides, a kayak pool, paddle rides and other water-based activities.

There are also park activities that take place away from the water, Water Fest also provides horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and camping.  Belton Lake has six parks, while Stillhouse Hollow Lake has three parks.

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