Bell County expects narrow gains from assessments

Some Bell county cities have experienced very small gains this year when it comes to reassessed property values of the cities, gains that would help with their budgets.  The reason why the appraisal value of properties is important to the county is that the higher the property value is appraised, the more property tax revenue the county can get (and vice-versa).   For instance, in Killeen, 37% of the city’s overall revenue comes from property tax.   Though no specific percentage was given,  Harker Heights city officials stated that a majority of their revenues come from property tax.

Chief appraiser for the district, Marvin Hahn, said that the preliminary numbers err on the conservative side  expects a higher, more accurate number for the values in July after hearings contesting the assessed property values are completed. Those numbers possibly will show very slight gains instead of the decreases.  However if the gains continue to be small or worse actually a loss, then the city could cut some of its services to compensate for the growing cities.

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