Harker Heights City Council to move foward with road repairs

by: Rose L. Thayer, Killeen Daily Herald

 The City Council tentatively agreed to move forward with a construction project to rehabilitate Comanche Gap Road in a workshop Tuesday. The $100,000 fix will make the road safer in the short-term, until more substantial, and expensive, construction can be completed, said City Manager Steve Carpenter. The repair will mix base material with concrete to form a new base, and work could begin as early as this summer, pending a soil sample. “That will put it in good shape for five years,” said Carpenter. Completely rebuilding the road would cost about $2 million, and Carpenter said the council would prefer to wait for a more stable economy.

To begin construction, the road will need to be closed for two or three days. The entire project would take about a week. The road’s center line will be marked with two raised markers spaced every 20 feet.  There are six locations on Comanche Gap Road that need immediate repairs more substantial than repairing potholes.  Comanche Gap Road was discussed in an April meeting after residents brought the road’s condition to the council’s attention. A formal vote on the road construction project will be taken at an upcoming regular council meeting.

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