Kitchen Decor Tips

1)Modern Styles Chances are if you’ve seen a kitchen in a movie, it has likely adopted a modern style.  Some of the characteristics of modern-style kitchens are simplified lines and big open spaces.

2) Abundant Lighting– Great lighting in the kitchen can really make the countertops and cabinets pop out.  One of the more common trends is to have LED lights under the cabinets, we know this because we use it in our kitchen.

3) Neutral Color Tones Try  and reserve bright colors for small accents in the kitchen.  Use shades of colors like grey, green, blue or even material tones like wood.  This goes hand and hand with the abundant lighting.

4) Gourmet Appliances- If you can help it, try and get professional gas ranges and induction countertops to make your kitchen look like a gourmet one. 

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