Things to do every 6 months for home maintenance

This is sort of an addendum to the blog post yesterday about home maintenance, expect this blog will be giving you tips on things you can do every 6 months to make sure your home is in tip-top shape.  Again the goal of these tips isn’t to make your life more hectic by doing more housework but rather to make your life easier as you will detect problems in your house easier and will also help your house if it hits the market.  Here are some things you can do every 6 months:

Air Conditioning System Condensation Line – Four one (1) cup of water down the condensation line to flush the line itself.

Kitchen Tile Grout – Inspect for loose or missing grout.  Re-grout if necessary.  Re-caulk at the edge of the backsplash if necessary.

Front Doors – Repaint or refinish if necessary.  Consult your HOA regulations before you change the exterior paint color of your doors.

Gutters – Clean debris from gutters every six months after storms.

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