Tips on maintaining cabinets

Most stained cabinet fronts are made of finished hardwoods or composite products.  With proper maintenance, the aesthetics of the cabinets can last for years.  Here are some tips on how to maintain stained cabinet fronts:

Remove splashes and splatters promptly! If the splashes/splatters aren’t removed immediately, they could leave permanent stains on the wood.

Use furniture polish or wood protectant to preserve the beauty of the wood.

Notify the Customer Service Department  if drawers stick/cabinets don’t close properly. If your cabinets/drawers are made of natural wood then they are subject to drying and can warp.   When this happens, drawers can stick and cabinet doors won’t close properly.  If you notice them during the warranty period, you should contact the Customer Service Department of the cabinet manufacturer.

Cover minor scratches with a putty stick that matches the finish of your cabinets.

Use a lubricant (oil based if necessary) for the hinges on your cabinet doors. Only use a small drop of oil to the top of the hinge and work the door back and forth several times for the oil to penetrate the hinge.  Make sure any excess oil is wiped with a dry paper towel.


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