Tips on interior painting

Many people will paint the interior of their home for needs other than re-selling a home.  Whatever the motives for painting your home are, it should always be done right.  Here are some tips on making sure that you get the best results.

1. Select a paint sheen.

It’s now more easier than ever to narrow down your paint choices.  Paint stores now offer small trial sizes to test the color at home and look for any variations in daylight and night. Lighting has a big effect on the way color appears (after all, colors come from the spectrum of light) .  Higher sheen paints tend to offer more durability than flat paints, and are preferable in high-traffic areas. Also consider a high sheen paint on the ceiling, which offers good reflection in the room.Stain or low-luster finishes offer more warmth and depth than a flat paint.

2. Don’t go cheap on the paint.

You must avoid the temptation to pick the cheapest possible paint. Painting is a big job, so you want the expense and quality to show. For instance, top-quality acrylic latex interior paint, will go on smoothly and allow for easy soap and water cleanups.

3.Clean the surface before painting.

To make the process easier on your self, make sure that the surfaces are clean so that the paint rolls smoothly. Remove any hand-prints, dirt, or scuff marks. Also lightly sand any glossy spots to avoid streaks.

4. Choose the right paint tools.

If you’re using a roller to paint, please select the right length of roller nap cover for proper paint coverage. The smoother the painting surface, the shorter the nap. If you’re applying latex or water-based paints, use synthetic materials that are made from nylon or polyester.

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