Color Finish Analysis

There are many different finishes for a particular color that are used when painting the interior of a home.  The most widely-used finishes are:

Glossy:  high level of sheen, easy to clean, less likely to absorb moisture.  Commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and some types of furniture.  Reflects light and may cause glare.

Satin:  medium level of sheen, commonly used on moldings, built-in features, window frames, and many types of furniture.  Moderately easy to clean.  Reflects a moderate level of light.

Matte: no sheen, absorbs light and moisture, commonly used on walls.   Unforgiving, as nicks and marks can be easily detected.  Difficult to clean. Each finish has a different functional purpose and aesthetic effect.  For example,  glossy paint might be the best paint finish for a bathroom, as it may be less likely to absorb moisture.  A matte paint may be best for a living room as it will absorb light, rather than reflect it back or cause glares on the wall.

Different design styles may incorporate different finishes in different ways.  For example, Modern designs may feature very glossy and colorful furniture, while Bungalow designs may incorporate furniture painted with a satin finish.

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