Mortgage Information

Homes in Killeen TX and the surrounding Fort Hood Area

Most mortgage lenders look hard at you financially as well as your credit worthiness. Some ways to position yourself for buying a home are:

  1. Have no “lates” reported by your creditors
  2. Keep all credit account balances below 30% of the available credit
  3. Your monthly debt (payments) need to be less than 40% of your income
  4. Have a savings account
  5. Maintain a credit score above 620

If at all possible, talk to a mortgage lender 6 months before you plan to buy a home. Use a local lender. Face to face contact is an awesome tool for you to use. There are time when there is a “ghost” showing up on your credit report. Most mortgage lenders will help you get these issue fixed.

Find a home for sale in the Killeen area, then use our Mortgage Calculator to determine your estimated monthly payments.