Nella was born in Materra, Italy. Her early live was with her grandmother among the olive groves in southern Italy. After high school Nella moved to West Berlin. There her music talent led her becoming a member of a band where she sang vocals and played bass guitar. The group recorded their music and Steve has one of the albums they released. Nella is also an accomplished artist and speaks German, English, and Italian.

Nella met Steve while she was visiting her sister in southern Germany. They married in Bamburg, Germany. Life in Germany include the fall of the Belin Wall and collapse of East Germany. She and Steve participated in the first ever volksmarch in East Germany just before the two Germanys united.

Texas was Nella’s first taste of the United States when Steve was stationed at Fort Hood.  Homelife was centered around Beth and Brian. Real estate entered the picture when Steve entered real estate.  Nella and Steve have partnered up for since 1995.