ELECTRICITY  Electricity has been deregulated in Texas and this makes getting electricity a little different. You choose your billing provider. Repairs and outages are handled by ONCOR. There are many billing providers to consider. Goggle “power to choose tx” and you will be taken to a main search page. When you open a page look for the box that asks for the zip code. If you do not have an address yet use 76542. You may get a provider option: ONCOR or Bartlett Electric Co-Op. Choose ONCOR. You will then be taken to a list of providers. Plans range from monthly to one year and more. As you view and find a potential company, find their EFC button. This will take you to their rate tier page. Rates are usually broken down 500-1000 kw, 1000-2000 kw, 2000+ kw. The more you use will bring the rate down. Notice the quoted rate is for 2000+ kw. Most home users use less than 2000 kw even during summer. Another good thing to do is to call and ask for an actual billing amount based on 1,200 kw. This amount is a good average to use. Knowing the actual bill will let you compare the different offers and get the “unknown” charges factored in.  If you have good credit, you probably will not have to put up a deposit. ONCOR uses smart meters, which makes it easy to shop around when your term ends. This will help you get the best rate possible. Terms of six months and twelve months are where to look.

WATER Your water bill includes water, trash, and sewer for most homes. All the cities require a deposit that will be credited back after twelve months of consecutive on time payments. Military waivers are possible. This add additional paperwork to the process both getting your water turned on and clearing post.

  • Killeen requires a $90.00 deposit. You will also have to show proof of your SSN. Also, only those listed on your account can be given information on the account. You will have to show a lease or HUD from when you purchased the home. Killeen provides a trash can (three sizes to choose from) and recycle service.
  • Copperas Cove requires a $50.00 deposit. Military waiver available.The city also supplies a trash can and recycle service.
  • Harker Heights requires a $55.00 deposit. Military waiver available. Trash cans are not supplied.

NATURAL GAS Most newer areas are all electric. Those areas that do have gas receive service through ATMOS Energy. If a deposit is required it is $90.00.