Deliquent Copperas Cove taxpayers on notice

Residents and business owners who failed to pay property taxes to the Copperas Cove Independent School District can now expect to hear from a law firm demanding payment.  An analysis on delinquent tax collection by the Ray & Wood law firm (Austin-based) is currently working to collect unpaid property taxes on the district’s behalf.  With school districts across the area facing budget crunches, the school district wants to make sure that they aren’t getting short-changed with regards to property tax payements.  This month (July) kickstarts a “season of intense communication” between the lawfirm and those deliquent on property taxes. 

The analysis tracked the district’s delinquent tax collection covering the tax years 2006 through 2010. During that time, the firm has been responsible for collecting more than $736,000 on behalf of the school district.  The most recent data in the report shows that more than $109,000 of a total $481,225 in delinquent taxes was collected last year.  The written report was provided to the district’s board of trustees at a board meeting earlier this month.

The firm has active litigation on more than 33 accounts totaling more than $56,000 in base taxes owed to CCISD, and recently got approval from Coryell County Tax Assessor Collector Justin Carothers to go after accounts totaling more than $30,000.  The firm provides the services to the district free of charge, with the costs being borne by the delinquent taxpayers themselves.

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