Killeen’s 2012 Budget Shows Growth

Killeen’s City Council approved its annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year on Tuesday afternoon and with it new police officers, patrol cars and preferable healthcare premiums, all without raising taxes. Twelve new police officers and twenty five new patrol cars were included in the budget approved by city council members.  The total number of Killeen’s officers will increase from 244 to 256.

The budget for healthcare premiums allocated for city employees decreased 21% from 6.6 million in last year’s budget, to 5.3 million in this year’s budget.  Killeen City employees got a 2% “cost of living” pay raise. Killeen’s City Manager Glenn Morrison said that the current budget was created from cost saving measures and an increase in sales tax revenue. Killeen’s Mayor, Dan Corbin stated that getting the budget approved was simple.Killeen’s new officers will effectively join the force after schooling next summer.

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