Townhomes coming to Harker Heights?

Harker Heights is known mostly as a surbaban neighborhood with few apartments, condos, or anything other than a single-family home.   Business partners Chris Doose and Shawn Easley have recently formed Flintrock Custom Homes are looking to add a little variety to the housing choices offered in Harker Heights by offering upscale townhouses.   Their goal is to attract young professionals who relocated to the Ft.Hood area because of the military, jobs in hospitals such as Scott & White and Seton, or attending the local colleges.    Townhouses tend to be more popular with the younger residents, especially those who relocate from an urban city who want to live in a home but don’t want to own a home as well as deal with maintaining the yard.

The developers are looking to build 16 town-homes on Verna Lee Boulevard with a model home ready to go this month.   The town-homes will be approximately 1,590 sq. ft with the asking price of $128,900.  The Homeowners association will take care of landscaping and the services are figured into the asking price of the town-home.  However if you plan to live in one of these town-homes, be prepared to be sharing walls with an adjacent neighbor.  If the town-homes are successful, look for more of this style of housing to become available in the future.


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