VA Work Orders

003If a seller will “sell VA”, here is a list of commonly found repairs by VA inspectors. Checking these items EARLY may prevent any delays in closing and funding.


  1. Replace any dry rotted or deteriorated wood.
  2. Place a vapor barrier under the house in the crawl space
  3. Wood-to-earth contact must have 6” clearance.
  4. Floor joists must have adequate clearance above the soil under the entire house.
  5. Foundation and attic vents must be adequate.
  6. Gutters, down spouts and splash blocks must be in place.
  7. Exterior and Interior paint must be in good condition.
  8. All floors of the home must be heated-oil or gas space heaters are inadequate.
  9. Tub enclosures must meet local code for waterproof material (tile or formica).
  10. Home must be hooked up to water and sewer systems, if they are available.
  11. Hot water tank must have a ¾” pressure relief valve and heater must have ¾” discharge line pumped to the outside or garage.
  12. The roof may have up to two layers of composition.
  13. Inspectors must look at the attic, so access is important.
  14. Plumbing and electrical must be operating.
  15. Any broken windows must be replaced.
  16. Carpeted bathrooms must be acceptable to the buyer.
  17. No lease-to-buy equipment is allowed (i.e. water heaters).
  18. The crawl space must be cleared of debris.
  19. The county health department must certify on-site sewage and water.
  20. All assessments must be paid.
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