Lawn Care Advice

The days are getting warmer. It feels like summer already. For those who don’t have time to spend taking care of their yard, here are some suggestions from the Better Business Bureau when selecting a company to do your yard work.

  • Go online and check with the BBB for lawn care businesses in your area
  • Write a specific list of the services you desire, (cut, edge, trim, sweep, etc)
  • Don’t forget fertilizer and insect control
  • Budget your expenses
  • Make sure that they look at your yard before giving you a price
  • Put it in writing with a contract or something similar that you both sign
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate.. you will be using them for a long time


As a good neighbor make sure clippings are picked up and not blown into the street or on your neighbor’s property. Take advantage of the service to make your yard the best on the block. Most companies will plant also. If you supply the plants, negotiate the labor.

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