Home Security During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, one of the more important aspects of holiday pre-planning is making sure that your home is safe and secure from home burglary. Here are some tips to protect your home from break-ins during the holiday season.

1) Install a security system- This sounds obvious but to those of you who do not yet have a security system installed, now would be a great time to get one. Many security system providers will have discounts for the holiday season.

2) Be discreet in your holiday travel plans- The rise of social media has enabled users to communicate their holiday plans for their friends and family to see. However, such openness to revealing travel plans can give potential burglars a window of opportunity to break into your home just by looking at your social media accounts. Try and avoid revealing travel plans via social media.

3)Put purchases out of sight- Make sure that when you are done with your holiday shopping that you keep them out of sight of passer-bys. In other words, keep the items away from windows.

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