5 Inexpensive Ways to Heat Up Your Home

1) Add area rugs: There’s a lot to like about hardwood and tile floors, we have them in every area in our house, but if there is one drawback, it is that in the winter, it can make your home feel cold. Add some area rugs to provide a warm barrier between your feet and the floor. In wet areas, use non-skid utility rugs or rubber mats.

2) Set ceiling fans to run clockwise: Yes, you can actually use the ceiling fan in the winter and yes you can run it clockwise. When the fans run clockwise, it forces warm air downward in the winter. There should be a small switch on the ceiling fan itself to change its direction.

3) Rearrange furniture: Move furniture away from the windows and doors, fireplace if there is one.

4) Add moisture to the air: Humid air feels warmer than dry air and in your home, a humidifier can make a difference. You can choose between a cool or warm mist humidifier, with the cool mist being safer and less expensive.

5) Let the sun shine inside: Adjust the homes curtains to let the sun in. Open south-facing curtains on sunny days and close curtains at night for a barrier against winter winds.

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