Quick Home Maintenance Routine

Here are some tips on maintaining your home, be sure to do this things monthly and it’ll make living in your home a lot easier.

1) Apply wood protection (any product will do) to your wood cabinents.

2) Inspect furnance/air conditioning filters for dust as well as clean and replace the filters.

3) Check under kitchen, bathroom cabinets and around the hot water heater for leaks.  Signs of leakage are discoloration/blistering of the walls, ceilings or floor coverings.

4) Remove and clean the filter from the kitchen exhaust fan as well as clean accumulated grease deposits from the fan housing.

5) Check for the proper flow of water in your faucets.  Reduced flows can be fixed by cleaning the aerator screens.  If you just moved into a new construction, cleaning should be more frequent for the first two months of living there.

6) Inspect the perimeter of your home (near foundation) for evidence of termites.

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