Pelarganium fan!

IMG_20150719_213458706_HDR Watercolor based on a photo of Ann Mason
I’m a huge Pelarganium fan. The watercolor photo is one of my painting based on a photo of Anna Mason.
Pelarganium is one of the favorite garden outdoor-indoor plant. There are over 200 species and many of them are very well known hybrids. Pelarganium are native from South Africa. The hybrids colors vary from cherry, salmon, red, fuchsia, lavender and bi-colors. The plant can be trailing vine type or upright form. Leaves of Pelarganium can be almost circular to segmented and lacy. The colors of the leaves varies from deep green to green and white. Some have patters of reds, yellows and oranges. The lacy leaves ones are lemon scented. To grow a Pelarganium indoor, the plant should be placed in a very bright lighted area. in the absence of bright areas, a fluorescent light can be used for about three hours to shine on the Pelarganium.

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