Homeowners with Sheds…Listen Up!

We all know that one of the most important aspects of maintaining a picturesque home exterior is lawn care and garden maintenance.  However there is one aspect of home improvement that is often overlooked is the shed.  This is mainly due to the fact that the shed is in the backyard and many homeowners don’t expect many people to see it.  But to potential buyers, seeking a shed that looks like it was used in a horror-movie leaves an impression on them, and not a good one.   Here are some tips on maintaining sheds to make sure their presentable as well as increase safety to those who use them.

  1. Remove cobwebs.  It can be forgivable for the attic to have cobwebs but in the shed were there will be lots of use during the summer, for reasons that not only portend to appearance but safety as well, remove them.
  2. Clean the floors.  Wash and sweep the floors.  During the spring and summer time this should be done frequently.
  3. Wash the windows.  Remember to wash them inside AND outside.
  4. Paint!  If the exterior of the shed looks faded because of the sun, be sure to give it a fresh coat of paint to make the garden shed look young.
  5. Organize the shed.  We all are guilty of putting as many tools into one bucket as we possibly can.  Despite the temptation it is better from a practical perspective as well as visual to organize your tools.  Try and hang them on the walls if you can.
  6. Stage the area.  This tip is mostly for home-sellers.  You can place a shovel next to your shed (don’t overdo this) as well as place a bag of mulch in a wheelbarrow outside to give a home-buyer a sense of what they can do with the yard.  This also helps free up space in the shed.
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